Chesterfield Presbyterian Church stands in the ancient heritage of true-to-the-Bible theology. We earnestly strive to follow Christ and His apostles. We believe that the purest human expression of Scriptural doctrines is found in the Westminster Confession of Faith with the Larger and Shorter Catechism.

  • We believe that salvation is by God’s drawing people to Jesus by His Holy Spirit. He convinces them of their sin and enlightens them so they repent of their sins and trust in Jesus Christ as He is offered in the Gospel.
  • We believe in the Trinity. There is one God who exists eternally in three Persons–the Father, acting alone, who saves His people by the Son and the Holy Spirit. These three are one in power and glory.
  • We believe in the full divinity and the full humanity of Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God. He is the fullest and final revelation of God to mankind.
  • We believe that Jesus Christ, as the eternal Son of God, became man, lived, died, and rose again to atone for the sins of those who trust Him alone for their salvation. Jesus Christ is the only mediator between God and mankind.
  • We believe that the Bible is the written Word of God, inspired by the Holy Spirit and without error in the original manuscripts. The Bible is our infallible and divine authority in all matters of faith and life.
  • We believe that God’s Holy Spirit gives Christians the daily strength and wisdom they need to walk according to His will and to grow in holiness.
  • We believe that all people are sinners and are unable to save themselves or even cooperate with God in efforts to earn their salvation.
  • We believe that Jesus Christ shall return personally, visibly, and bodily to judge all mankind and to receive His people unto Himself.




By God’s grace, CPC will be a full-service, Christ-centered ministry committed to a contemporary worship style and a personal relational emphasis.

While worship gatherings of a thousand will celebrate God’s grace, Lifeline groups of ten will personally apply God’s Word and prayerfully encourage one another.

A diversity of specialized ministries will teach, counsel, and train participants of all ages to live for Christ at home, in the workplace, as a church, and in the community.

CPC’s impact will extend from West County into the city of St. Louis, through the Midwest, and to the World.

This vision rests upon the supernatural work of Christ, who alone can build His church through the Spirit’s work in our lives together.




Chesterfield Presbyterian Church is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), one of the fastest-growing Christian churches in the United States for the last few years.

We are a denomination that is both conservative and progressive. In theology, it is conservative, being committed to the full authority of the Bible, believing in the historic doctrines of the Christian faith, and affirming that salvation is offered to all people by grace through faith in Christ.

At the same time, it is a progressive church, eager to present people with the good news of life with God in Christ, to make disciples, and to apply the truths of the Bible to both personal and social problems in creative ways.

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Saturdays, 5:00pm Indoors,
Sundays, 9:00am Indoors and Online
10:30am Outdoors



15037 Clayton Road
Chesterfield MO 63017

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