CPC Committed to Environmental Stewardship

At Chesterfield Presbyterian Church, we believe God has called us to nurture, as well as conserve and preserve his creation.  With that in mind, the church has implemented a number of environmentally responsible business practices in recent years.

Notably, CPC commissioned a solar panel system in 2014 that has, to date, produced more than 98,000 kilowatt hours of power; helped avoid approximately 69 tons of carbon dioxide to date; and produced more than $6,000 of power.  In addition, the church has participated in multiple Ameren Missouri initiatives to convert parking lot and interior and exterior building lighting to more efficient systems.  

Other “green” initiatives at CPC include implementation of single-stream recycling and streamlining of office procedures to reduce printing and paper use; and installation of heating/cooling and lighting system controls that allow us to conserve energy by adjusting rooms to unoccupied setting when not in use.

CPC has also recently replaced older fluorescent lighting throughout its facilities with energy-saving LED bulbs, reducing annual energy consumption by over 88,000 kilowatts. As a result, the church has received Ameren energy efficiency rebates of more than $6,000.