Crossfire is a unique relational student ministry designed for 4th and 5th grade students as they navigate life in the preteen years.

Crossfire emphasizes having fun, developing a sense of belonging to a group, and seeking to know Jesus Christ together. Students begin to cognitively process deeper spiritual questions while being confronted at the same time with a growing understanding of our broken world—finding themselves caught in the “Crossfire.”

The ministry team members desire to come alongside students to help them understand and confirm God’s designed “beacons of navigation”—parents, scripture, church family—at the beginning of their spiritual journey. Crossfire welcomes all interested students to participate in any and all of our activities, which focus on healthy fun, spiritual understanding, service to others, and becoming part of the church body. Ministry leaders focus on meeting kids where they are and challenging them to investigate their own questions with real Truth.

Investing in Crossfire kids’ lives often goes beyond Sunday, with leaders showing up for students and their families in times of crisis or as they pursue individual interests (sports, music, dance, etc.) so leaders can appreciate special aspects of each child and celebrate them in Crossfire with a picture or story.