CPC believes God has called his people to be a blessing to others. CPC calls this area the church’s mission emphasis. The Bible says that God has blessed his people, and enables them to be part of extending His Kingdom around the world. CPC believes that one of the primary callings is to share God’s truth and love with others both near and far.

This mission starts locally…beginning by caring for and being a part of the work God is doing in the nearby community. New Hope Counseling Services sees over 100 people and couples each week, sharing the hope of the Gospel and caring for those in the church and in West County.

CPC’s calling continues into the city of St. Louis, through the church’s partnership with New City Fellowship. During any given week, dozens of people from CPC are involved in tutoring, making lunches, caring for immigrants, and helping those in the city.

CPC is also involved in supporting and partnering with churches in Peru, India, and Guatemala. CPC’s calling is to help indigenous churches and ministries reach out to those communities with the love of Christ.

CPC considers it an honor to be involved in God’s work, and prays other churches will continue to listen to God’s call and find ways to give, partner, and participate in proclaiming the Gospel in words and deeds to all people.